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“””Today’s mission: conquer the chaos of moving a 4 bedroom house in Guildford! 🚚💨 With boxes stacked to the ceiling and furniture resembling a game of Tetris, We are ready to show off our expert packing skills. 📦💪🏼 😂 Let the adventure begin! 🌟”

2 bed house move today within Guildford Call us or drop us a text if you are looking for some moving services https://wa.me/447888123888?text=Hello!%20Man%20and%20Van%20Guildford https://www.facebook.com/100054418333681/posts/pfbid0KGb4sP5i74H3ZPjDEfC8ivxeQMBpVYK9kePNQH5oYkK9LyWcs3rmXGBds8q1rms5l/?

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